Active V Passive Recruitment - What is the difference?
Active V Passive– What is the difference?
Talent is directly proportional to business performance… As a Hiring Manager how do we work to attract the top tier?  
The active candidate pool represents 20-25% of the potential market, with approximately half of those actively looking and the rest casually looking.
Active candidates post their CV and apply for jobs online, register with agencies and are often easier to attract. 
Passive candidates are not pursuing a job search; however, may be open when approached in the correct way. 
So… How do you maximise access to the talent pool?
A combination of approaches is required: 
• Contingency based recruitment – Advertising jobs online directly or via an agency, job board searches and employee referrals (refer a friend programs for example).
• Head-Hunting & Search – slight variations in search and head-hunting, but again both focus on passive candidate acquisition using specific techniques. This is not posting jobs to LinkedIn and sending blanket messages (it isn’t that easy!). 
• The final point is largely down to the employer – Ensure you are an appealing company to work for. Each person is an individual and has different needs and motivators so you can’t please everyone (which is why ensuring a match; not just putting a bum on a seat is crucial). Staff retention, benefit packages, company culture, incentives and, what is consider key, in recruiting and retaining the top talent – career development and progression! 
There is a huge difference between contingent recruitment, head-hunting and search: 
• Contingent - typically charged at lower fees, 10-17% on average (specialists charge more than high street) and focusses on active candidates
• Specialist head-hunters will expect 17-25%, again fees will vary 
• Search - typically on a retained basis 
Many companies are unhappy with their recruitment partner but opt for pure contingency; equally, I speak to many companies that are paying the higher end, when to be blunt, they shouldn’t be. 
Select your recruitment partner carefully, you may only pay a fee when you hire a candidate but the time spent on recruitment is still costing your business. 
If you want to discuss your current recruitment strategy, to uncover how effective it is, feel free to get in touch. 
There are some simple metrics you can look at to measure the success of your current recruitment strategy.  

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