What is recruitment...?

A little brain dump from the heart about my views on recruitment...

To me, recruitment is the art of being able to match ambitious individuals with growing companies, in turn creating long term career opportunities for my candidates and giving my clients motivated people that can work towards the wider goals of the business.

Recruitment is not sifting CV’s and ‘putting bums on seats’, it's the ability to communicate, listen, understand, empathise, build lasting and trusted relationships, be reliable and honest at all times, be patient (this hugely relates to being genuinely empathetical) and be aware of the impact you have.

You need to be target driven, but at the same time have genuine passion and integrity. This is not a CV, a placement or a pay cheque, it is people’s lives and the decisions people make around their career effects their personal life and family. If a potential candidate is making a rash decision based on emotion, counsel them. When companies recruit members of the team, it effects their business, if they over promise and under deliver, educate them.

You need to be able to work at pace and multitask, but not miss a step in the recruitment process, when you do, it does come back to haunt you. Talking of processes, you need to continually analyse your own process and that of your clients in order to evaluate your success. What is success? If it is purely making a placement, this is the exact thing that is wrong with the recruitment sector.

Success should be based on the satisfaction of both the candidate and client, has the candidate been given everything they were promised? Would the client rehire this person? Are they still working for the company 2 years down the line? Have they been promoted? Are they a valued and integral member of the team? That is how you should measure success, not by how much you bill.

The recruitment sector seems a little broken at the moment, it is flooded by untrained recruiters that have been hired on the pure basis they want to make money. Recruitment involves more than most people think, it is a combination of many things and recruiters should be hired on their values above all. 

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